Digital Health Check

Digital presence is essential for brands and businesses today.

Want to know how your website is performing?

Here are 3 reasons why do you need a Digital Health Check

You cannot keep up with technology change

Since Google introduced its first algorithm in 1996, it has carried out 44 algorithm updates which affects the webpage rankings of brands that are listed on its search engine globally. Even Facebook has carried out countless news feed algorithm changes since its launch in 2006. Is your website or Facebook page performing at its best?

You are not getting the results you want

So, you have a website. Awesome! But if you still aren’t getting new traffic, new visitors and new leads, it is just a useless web page. Your website is one of the best channels to build your customer base and it should help your brand move forwards towards your goals.

Your site is not responsive

According to Consumer Barometer research, 90% of internet users in Malaysia prefer to use their smartphones when going online. Is your website mobile responsive? Does your website have a mobile friendly UX?

Find out in detail whether your business is well adapted to all these ongoing digital changes. Request for your Digital Health Check report and find out more about your online presence.

In your Digital Health Check report, you will get to know more about:

Your company’s online presence
Your website overview performance
Your website traffic source and social media presence
Your SEO overview

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