Big Data & Analytic

Numbers and figures analysed to give deeper insight.

How Does Big Data Work?

It is a network of technology solutions working together to improve processes of how things/systems work. With relevant data analysis, businesses can utilise it to obtain valuable insights that can help.

Did you know?

How big data affects us?

Data allows us to see; Big Data allows us to see the New differently, it allows us to see how and why things happen. Data was often stored in stocks in the form of papers and files. Now, it has become 'alive'. Data today has a flow, or a process that gives an outcome when analysed. Incorporated with technology, data has become Big Data. No more papers or files, just the cloud.

What our Big Data Analytics do:

Monitor Sales Conversion

Data from our IoT technology is feeded into our cloud system which will then be transformed into data driven graphs and charts reflecting your sales. This will help you have a real-time overview of your business.

Optimize Operations

Our People Counting Sensor and Demographic System data collected at malls and retail can be used to optimize operating hours, predict crowd flow, increase transactions and better serve visitors that stroll into your physical space.

Improve Staff Planning

Staffing affects costing and so it is essential to have optimum staff at high traffic hours. Use Big Data to better strategize your staff planning and predict future stats.

Build Customer Loyalty

With all these captured data, get to know more about your customer. Identify the age group of your visitor with our big data cloud system, the system will then extract demographic data to help you with marketing strategy.

Evaluate Marketing Success

Numbers and figures equates to successful sales, use Big Data Analytics to digitize and archive your progress to get a greater marketing strategy outlook.

Implement Digital Retention Marketing

After analysing Big Data and getting to know your customers better, you can now improve your brand reach and re-engage your loyal customers with Loyalty Program.

We are in a data rich but time poor era, so Big Data Analytics simplifies huge amount of data into simpler forms. We provide extensive reporting to help businesses monitor, analyse and integrate brand campaigns.

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